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Amanda Sleed
Co-founder & Creative Director

We love nothing more than helping bold, fearless, entrepreneurial startups like yours create a brand that engages, inspires and connects.

We were once a startup, just like you. And we’ve spent the past 35 years learning and evolving as a business. At times we’ve been sure of our ideas and failed. At other times we’ve been unsure, gone against the grain, and been surprised by our success.
We understand the challenges that come with building a business and creating a strong brand, and we use our knowledge and experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and fast track success.

What is a brand?

A logo is just a graphic. Your brand is your story. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s what takes your customer from “just-looking” to “shut up and take my money.”

We live in a world where people crave emotional connection and a sense of belonging. A world where consumers buy from businesses that align with their lifestyles, goals and values. But how do they know whether a business does all these things? Brand.

If you’re struggling to talk about your business or products it’s because you don’t have a brand strategy. You might have a nice logo, pretty colour palette and some funky fonts. But the truth is branding begins with strategy, not design.

Read more about brand strategy

More than just a logo.

Our built-by-design brand approach means together we can bring your vision to life.

Our unique and strategic approach to design means you don’t just get a logo and website—you get a cohesive brand and thoughtfully crafted visuals that clearly communicate who you are and what you stand for. Plus, the tools, knowledge, support and confidence to launch your business and share your brand with the world.

No cobbling together cheap, mismatched, generic visuals that diminish your business—and end up costing you more than an end-to-end solution would. Get absolutely everything you need to hit the ground running, from colours, fonts, imagery and logos to the style guide that explains how, when and where to use them.

Confidently launch your business with a strategically crafted brand that:

  • Aligns with your business objectives
  • Clearly communicates your values
  • Deeply connects with your ideal client
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd

See our Brand Identity Package

<span id="test" class="text-caps">Startup branding strategy success stories</span>

Get inspired by other startup brands we have helped  |  See case study.

Not ready for a full website?

Start your journey strong with a scalable solution.

If the thought of undertaking a full website project with all the pages, all the content, all the bells and whistles AND all the costs is holding you back— we have the solution.

With a single-page website, we’ll give your startup a professional online presence that will establish your credibility and help you capture leads.

You’ll get the same strategic foundations and considered design as a multi-page site— complete with slick animations and graphics that create a lasting impression.

And when you’re ready to build out new content and pages we can easily expand on what we’ve created to keep your user experience seamless.

See our Website Packages

How do I get it all?

Our cost-effective complete Business Bundle is designed for ambitious business owners.

From a complete visual identity to stationery design and website development, our business bundles give you everything you need to share your brand with the world. And they’re more efficient and cost-effective than trying to piece all the bits together yourself.

Bundled services mean a more intentional brand experience and less time and money.

See our complete Business Bundle

Article by
Amanda Sleed
Co-founder & Creative Director

Amanda is a strategic problem-solver with a knack for forward-thinking. She has over 2 decades of experience developing branding and design solutions that are both visually appealing and purpose-driven. She is a master at elevating brands and nurturing new ideas, and she does it all with courage and compassion.

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