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Make your next annual report a valuable marketing tool.

A five pointed star representing the high star rating given by clients for graphic design Brisbane.A five pointed star representing the high star rating given by clients for graphic design Brisbane.A five pointed star representing the high star rating given by clients for graphic design Brisbane.A five pointed star representing the high star rating given by clients for graphic design Brisbane.A five pointed star representing the high star rating given by clients for graphic design Brisbane.
Based on 56+ reviews
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Compliance can still be compelling.

Is your annual report a lost opportunity? A tick-the-box compliance exercise that takes months of preparation with no real benefit? It doesn’t need to be this way.

Done well, your annual report can be a valuable marketing tool that engages your stakeholders, demonstrates your achievements, and communicates your future aspirations.

Annual reports can often be left to the last minute. Information is being gathered from multiple stakeholders and before you know it, the ASX deadline is looming and you’re still stuck with an incomplete Word document.

Make your next annual report a valuable marketing tool that clearly articulates your success, vision and company culture - not just the financial facts and stats. Whether you need a printed report, interactive digital option or an online solution, we’re ready to help.

our proven Annual Report Design methodology

Why choose TCN.

We’ve been helping Australian businesses and not-for-profits with their annual reports for more than 15 years. With our annual report design service, we streamline the process to deliver your annual report on-time and budget. We’ve developed checklists and processes to help you get the information you need while managing complex stakeholder relationships. Our strict methodology for managing version control means we’ll help you avoid those “but that’s not the copy I approved” dramas.

With our proven methodology, we can work to tight timeframes without compromising on quality and attention to detail. We know the ASX format requirements inside out and will help you get from first draft to final sign-off on-time. And because we’re not just about making the boring stuff look pretty, we can help you with getting the message right too.

We work with you to develop a theme for your annual report, choose photos and other visuals to support your story. We create stunning, brand-rich infographics that get across your key information in a glance. We have a keen eye to the sensitive data in your financial sections, ensuring the layouts are clean and easy to read. And we put all of these elements together in a cohesive visual story that ensures your achievements get heard.

Whether you need full-service annual report design including copywriting support, editing, proofreading, and print management, or just design and layout, we can help.


Just a handful of annual reports we’ve helped to create.

Digital Annual Report Design

Online annual reports that truly engage.

Take your standard online PDF annual report and turn the volume up a notch with a digital experience that showcases your business achievements. Online annual reports are not only more engaging for audiences and stakeholders, they’re also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Digital annual reports facilitate social sharing and bring audiences onto your online channels where they can continue their journey to find out more about your business. Done right, they can also give your SEO a boost and bring in more traffic and convert more sales.

Environmentally Friendly
Facilitate Social Sharing
Increase Online Traffic
Animated Graphics
Cost Effective
Brand Experience Asset

Annual report design process.

Preparing an annual report can feel like a big, overwhelming project. There are regulatory requirements to meet and seemingly incompatible marketing objectives.

But we’ve got the experience and the systems to help you glide through and meet both your compliance and communication goals with ease.


We’ll start by digging deep with our briefing discovery session. This will help us to work with you to develop a theme for your annual report. We’ll also scope out the project outlines and create a timeline to ensure you understand exactly what you need to do and when.

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Together we workshop themes for your year in review. Are you celebrating a meaningful milestone? Are you evolving your business or taking a new direction? We’ll uncover a uniting message that sets the tone of your project.

Creative for graphic design Brisbane

We translate your brief into a meaningful, functional and beautiful design. You get two separate and unique concepts to review and choose from. You also get a first look at cover designs, double-page spreads, infographics and financials. Once we’ve agreed on the design, we’ll get to work on designing and laying out the full report.

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For big projects like annual reports, version control is critical to meeting deadlines. We’ve developed checklists to help you provide your approved content on time. We include two rounds of minor changes in your overall project fee.

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Once the final layout is approved, we’ll provide you with a file for print, or we can manage print production of the report including mailing and distribution. If you've completed an online annual report, we will step you through our streamlined launch process.

Amanda and Rory discussing

“Amanda and the team did a great job with our Annual Report. She was patient and understanding about the many internal stakeholders for the project and produced a great quality end product. The Creative Noise definitely gets my recommendation for your next design project”

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s that you say? You have a question?

Well then, let’s see if we can find the answer.

Do you respond to RFPs (request for proposals)?

Short answer: We don’t submit responses to RFPs and we don’t pitch for work.

Long answer: We’re not big fans of bidding against other studios for work, joining a race to the (price) bottom, or working for free. But we are big fans of community over competition and fair pay for fair work. If you have a project you think we can help with, check out our previous work and get in touch. If you’re still not convinced after talking to us, we’re probably not the right fit.

What are your payment terms?

We take a 50% deposit for all projects, this secures your spot and allows us to get started. When the project is all done we’ll send you the final balance invoice. We then send your project file assets as soon as that final payment has been made. You can pay via EFT or credit card (credit card fees apply).

We aren’t based in Brisbane, will that be a problem?

Australia (and the world!) is a big place but thanks to technology we can conduct all our normal face-to-face meetings and business virtually over video call and send samples and print materials directly to your door. Oceans and borders are no boundaries for us!

That said, we do love coffee, so if you happen to be in Brisbane (or nearby) we’d be more than happy to meet at a cafe to discuss your project.

I have more questions! Where can I reach you?

Feel free to call us at the studio on (07) 3118 5641, email, or fill in the form on our contact page.

Take a stand against dull annual reports

Create an annual report that will really make some noise.

Take a stand against dull annual reports and create something you’ll really be proud of.

Based on 56+ reviews