An unforgettable brand needs a strategic and unique approach.

We’ve tweaked and honed our unique, holistic approach over decades to make sure you don’t just walk away with an unforgettable brand that people will love. But also a complete suite of strategically crafted visual assets, stationery designs and a website that work together to tell a powerful story.

And the tools, knowledge, support and confidence to successfully use your designs across all your channels.

So that the investment you make in your brand today continues to serve your business over years to come.

The principles that drive our approach.

We think BIG.

We take the time to understand your business, your industry and the commercial challenges you’re facing—so we can deliver the right solutions for you. And we start every project by getting the big picture in place so that every single design decision flows strategically from your core brand story.

We’re streamlined.

Once your core brand visuals are approved we can begin crafting your support assets. We work on—and deliver—your designs side-by-side including a brand manual, social media templates, brochures, website and any other marketing collateral needed. The result? An efficient process that delivers a well thought out, cohesively expressed and powerful brand.

We’re future focused.

We craft your brand with the future in mind. We strategically design your brand so that your visuals can be used across all platforms and in new ways. So that your brand can grow with you as your business evolves. We explain what we’ve created, and why—so you can understand how your brand will support your business goals now and into the future.

We empower businesses.

We deliver your brand assets and design files in an easy-to-use, all inclusive Brand Toolkit. Packed with supportive resources, bespoke how-to videos, future-proofed file formats and easy-to-use templates. All designed to help launch your brand across your channels effortlessly. So that everything works and looks great—right from day one.

How it works

Our holistic process – built with you in mind.

Our approach means a more intentional and cohesive brand experience for your clients - across all touchpoints.

In our efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience for you and your customers we encourage our clients to step through our all-inclusive process. Perfect for well funded startups - or to help push your existing businesses beyond the limitations of your current branding.

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We uncover insights and shape brands through a process of discovery and investigation. We conduct a deep dive into what’s happening in your industry and for your customers right now. And together, we explore your business needs, discover opportunities and conceptualise solutions.

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Brand Strategy

We then create a compelling brand strategy to provide a clear and focussed objective for your visuals to be built around. We help you understand your value, clarify what truly makes you unique and map out a blueprint for your brand. With your brand strategy in hand, you’ll have clarity on how to connect with your clients on a deeper level. And it’s all based on the insights we uncover about your business, industry and customers during discovery.

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Brand & Logo Design

We add maximum value to your business by considering not only your logo but your brand visuals as a whole— everything from typography and colour palettes to support graphics, and image styling come together to form a meaningful, functional and beautiful brand. We also create a unique mood board to resolve your brand visuals and create an emotional response to the brand's look and feel. The mood board gives you a first look at the direction of your brand and ensures we’re on the right track.

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Brand Collateral Design

We helped create your brand, we can also help you roll it out quickly and successfully by delivering all your brand collateral designs. Need social media templates to help you share your new brand with the world? Or business cards, letterheads and email signatures to keep your client experience consistent and professional? Or packaging that gives your product charisma and shelf appeal? We’ll work with you to pinpoint exactly what your business needs and create a cohesive brand across every single touchpoint.

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Website Design & Development

One of the most visible and persuasive applications of your brand is your web presence. We can build you a professional website that drives sales, creates an exceptional customer experience and improves efficiencies in your business. All while providing hands-on support from customer journey to integrating clever automations, facilitating a seamless launch— and beyond.

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Training & Support

We don’t just hand over the files and leave you to it. We give you hands-on support and training to share your brand with the world with absolute confidence. From tech support to publish your website to how-to videos that give step-by-step instructions on editing and using your new brand assets— we’ve got you.

The Brisbane graphic design specialists TCN discussing a recent project.
The power of branding
When it all comes together.

We build brands for companies that save lives, cure disease, build shelter for the homeless, revolutionise industry practice, create sanctuaries, bring happiness, connect people, grow food and fight for those in despair.


How we deliver results.

At TCN we’ve honed our approach over decades to create a process that is thoughtful, holistic, strategic and that achieves genuine results for our clients.

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Commercial insight

We have more than 35 years combined experience not only in branding but business. That means we bring a balanced mix of strategic planning, creative thinking, business savvy and commercial insight to every client and every job.

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Supportive guidance

We share what we know freely. We provide tools, support, information and resources (as well as a friendly shoulder to lean on) for business owners who want to learn and execute everyday branding and marketing tasks for themselves.

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A good fit

With a niche set of services, we have a great understanding of where, how, and with whom we provide the best results. It’s a collaborative effort that requires focus from both sides. See if we’re a good fit.


Our Business Bundle is designed for ambitious business owners who want to get their branding right.

We offer package solutions to help businesses, new or existing, build strategic brands and hard-working websites that will grow and evolve with their needs.

From a complete brand identity to stationery design and website development, our Business Bundle gives you everything you need to create your brand and share it with the world.

With our Business Bundle you get a more intentional and cohesive brand experience, for less time and money.

Not every business is in the position to invest time or money into a full Business Bundle - we get it. Start by nailing your crucial brand foundation with our Brand Identity Package.

68% faster page load speed
27% increase in traffic
40x increase in enquiries

"I have personally worked with Amanda and her team for over 10 years now. Amanda is diligent with her work and I would never go anywhere else. A delight to work with."

The Catalyst Migration website hero banner showing the custom photography and brand identity design.
18% increase in organic impressions
5x increased user engagement

“I really enjoy working with Amanda and Rory at TCN! They are very helpful and supportive and always go the extra mile. They also provide me with all the tools and resources I need to continue building my business.”

The Groundplan website hero banner showing the custom illustrations and brand refresh design.
10x faster page updates
80% faster page load speed

“TCN brought a vibrant, bold and refreshing new presence to our brand and delivered the new website with technical detail and precision. Great quality work. Highly recommended.”

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s that you say? You have a question?

Well then, let’s see if we can find the answer.

What's my investment?

On average our clients invest between $5-25K+ to create a custom, strategic brand and professional, stand-out website. Our clients see a return on their investment within six months— and many have made an ROI as high as 400%+. Want to join them?

Jump on over here to find more details about our Brand Identity Package, browse our full services or take advantage of our Business Bundle.

How long does the process take?

Ballpark— 8 to 12 weeks. But every project and every client and every problem is unique which means every timeline is unique. Don’t worry, once we know exactly what we’re working on with you we’ll agree to timelines upfront so you know when to expect your brand to be delivered and can plan accordingly.

Can I switch up the process?

In short, yes. You might only need brand support or a website. We’re happy to check whether your existing brand has the right foundations for us to work with. What is important to not is we follow a strategy first, branding second and design third approach. Your brand speaks for you. So let's make sure it's saying the right thing.

Who owns the copyright to my finished designs?

You do! The full copyright for your design is transferred to you when you make the final payment on a completed project. We keep the personal right to use completed projects and concept artwork for marketing purposes.

We aren’t based in Brisbane, will that be a problem?

Australia (and the world!) is a big place but thanks to technology we can conduct all our normal face-to-face meetings and business virtually over video call and send samples and print materials directly to your door. Oceans and borders are no boundaries for us!

That said, we do love coffee, so if you happen to be in Brisbane (or nearby) we’d be more than happy to meet at a cafe to discuss your project.

I have more questions! Where can I reach you?

Feel free to call us at the studio on (07) 3118 5641, email, or fill in the form on our contact page.

Are you ready to build your brand the right way?

If you’re ready to invest in your brand, TCN will deliver an experience unlike any other.
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