Terms of Engagement.

Agreement to work with, submission of a design brief and payment of a deposit to The Creative Noise Pty Ltd constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions detailed below.

1. Fee proposals

1.1. Fees quoted and provided by The Creative Noise Pty Ltd are based on the original brief provided by the Client and project overview outline. If the project varies from the original brief, additional costs may be incurred and added to the final invoice, however, additional costs will be discussed and approved by the Client prior to completing the work.

1.2. Fee proposals are valid for 14 days from the date of proposal.

1.3. 50% deposit is required to commence works. Payment in full or the remaining 50% balance is to be paid prior to the release of files and or launch of your new website.

1.4. Full payment is required if the total cost of the project is under $1,500.

1.5. Payment of accounts is COD unless other terms have been agreed to. Copyrights remain the property of The Creative Noise Pty Ltd until all related invoices are paid in full.

1.6. If for any reason the project is put on hold by the Client for a period of 10 business days or more, The Creative Noise Pty Ltd reserve the right to issue a progress payment invoice to cover works completed to date. The remaining balance will then be issued on completion.

1.7. Please note our original agreement does not include unless specified, font licenses, image manipulation (deep etching or photoshop) and or stock imagery purchase. If any of these items are required for the project they will be additionally charged.

2. Authors revisions

2.1. All design projects include 2 rounds of minor revisions. Additional revisions, corrections and/or variations will incur additional fees charged at our amendments hourly rate of $185+gst.

2.2. Revisions are to be supplied by the Client in a clear and concise manner. Where possible, please use comment markup in PDF as opposed to handwritten markups.

3. Project requirements

3.1. Images
If you are supplying photos or graphics, please ensure they are at 300PPI or higher as well as a minimum size of 1000px wide. If in doubt, your designer will be able to check the files for you.

3.2. Logos
If supplying existing logos, please ensure you provide us with a high-resolution PDF, EPS or AI files. If a style guide is available this will be valuable to follow brand guidelines.

3.3. Documents
Any word documents supplied should contain page breaks where relevant and selectable text and tables.

4. Stock imagery

4.1. Some designs may contain stock photography to enhance your design and build your brand. These images are available for purchase at $185+gst for a standard license - please request a quote for an enhanced/extended license. This cost includes time involved in sourcing the best-suited image.

5. Cancellation

5.1. If The Creative Noise Pty Ltd is contracted to provide services for a project and the project is cancelled, The Creative Noise Pty Ltd reserves the right to invoice for all work and expense incurred to date. Any concepts, designs or ideas not chosen by the Client remain the property of The Creative Noise Pty Ltd.

6. Native files

6.1. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd does not provide native design files as part of the original agreement. However, should you require native files this can be arranged and will incur an additional fee based on 50% of the overall cost of the original design project. This fee is to cover the time required to prepare the native files, IP and any royalties related to fonts or images where applicable.

6.2. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd reserves the right to use the artwork and associated materials for the purpose of design competitions, future publications, educational purposes, marketing materials and portfolio.

7. Timeframes

7.1. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd will make every effort to meet deadlines. All quoted turnaround times are approximate. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any costs resulting from late artwork or printing deliveries.

8. Urgent projects

8.1. We do have the in-house capability to complete urgent projects. Please note that these projects will incur an express fee. This fee is dependant on the project and the support required.

9. Prepress approval

9.1. Whilst all care is taken by The Creative Noise Pty Ltd, The Creative Noise Pty Ltd is not responsible for any spelling, grammatical, numerical errors or omissions after final approval. Ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to proof read and checks thoroughly their projects to identify any errors prior to approval.

10. Colour accuracy

10.1. Please note that colour on projects can vary from screen to final product. Screen proofing is not indicative of the final printed piece

10.2. Printed colours can vary from printer to printer, job to job, run to run, or even front to back, due to the nature of the CMYK printing process. We recommend ordering a printed proof of your print job. This may incur a fee but will best represent a finished job.

11. Website development

11.1. The Client agrees to allow The Creative Noise Pty Ltd to accredit any website design and or development completed by The Creative Noise Pty Ltd in the footer with a hyperlink.

11.2. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd offers a very thorough launch process. During this time we perform cross browser checks.
* Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported as part of our standard testing.

11.3. It is inevitable that the layout and colours on your website will vary from screen to screen and device to device, however, we will aim for maximum consistency where possible.

11.4. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd is not responsible for your website hosting and or domain name registration. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that their hosting and domain name is renewed and security updates are completed.

11.5. The Creative Noise Pty Ltd is not responsible for your website CMS updates. Additional technical support will incur additional fees charged at our technical support hourly rate of $210+gst.

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