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For over 15 years, we have been effectively connecting people to brands. With research-driven brand strategy, creative logo design and intentional support graphics we clearly express and communicate what makes your business great.
Top rated branding & logo design Brisbane studio.
Logo designs that inspire

Your logo design is your handshake. The introduction to your brand. The how-do-you-do?

Your logo needs to grab attention and make an impression. It needs to clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you do.

But logo design is just the beginning.

Because your brand is more than just a single image.

Your brand is your story. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room (thanks for that gem, Jeff Bezos). It’s what takes your customer from “just-looking” to “shut up and take my money.”

We live in a world where people crave emotional connection and a sense of belonging. A world where consumers buy from businesses that align with their lifestyles, goals and values. But how do they know whether a business does all these things? Brand.

Get inspired.

We start with your logo design— but we deliver so much more.
Just a handful of brand and logo design projects we've worked on.

Your brand is your business’ most valuable asset.

And if you have a business, you have a brand, whether you're aware of it or not.

Do you know what your branding is telling the world about who you are, what you do and the values you stand for? Is it sending a clear, consistent and strategic message? Are you using it to shape your identity, engage with your audience and make a lasting impression? Or has it been neglected for too long?

Maybe you're an established business and the logo you ‘knocked up’ just isn’t cutting it anymore or you’ve levelled up and need to appeal to a new audience. 

Or maybe you’re a start-up just beginning your journey.

Either way, investing in a unique, engaging and powerful brand is key to setting the foundations for your success.

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Your time is valuable

Running a successful business takes time. Stop wasting yours trying to find the perfect font and colour or wrestling with a logo design that just won’t work. Leave the brand and logo design work to us and get back to building your business.

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Crystal clear clarity

Get a brand and logo design that will empower you to promote your business with clarity and confidence. Get a brand built on research, visual strategy and data-driven insights about your ideal client and industry so you know that what you put into the world will find the right audience.

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Attract your ideal customer

Your ideal customers are making assumptions about your product, service or business based on gut intuition about your brand. Let us create one that builds deeper emotional relationships and inspires trust, loyalty and growth.

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Consistency is key

We create a solid foundation for your brand to grow with purpose and intention. When your brand visuals flow from a core brand strategy and message your business becomes instantly recognisable across all media.

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Make it memorable

It takes less than five seconds for a buyer to know if your business is a good fit for them. A charismatic brand and logo design taps into their motivation and will help you stand apart from competitors.

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Strategy-led design

We create great brands. Brands that know who they are, what they stand for and who they stand with. Brands that stand up proudly and get noticed. Brands that build loyal followers and not just make sales.

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Brand toolkit

To show off your brand you need simple-to-use assets so you can seamlessly implement your new logo and branding across all aspects of your business and marketing channels. No stress - we've got you covered.

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Invest in a pro

By partnering with an experienced team, not only will you be saving time and money, but you will receive a unique handcrafted logo design that has been strategically considered and future-proofed.

Brand + Logo Design Packages

Are you ready to be heard?

We specialise in strategic logo design and building brands from the ground up. 
Our packages empower you to communicate your business' messaging cohesively across all touchpoints, print and digital.

Brand Identity Package

New Offer

Our Brand Identity Package gives you the essential tools you need to create beautiful, consistent brand-rich marketing collateral that speaks to your ideal client.

Dig deep into your business fundamentals and workshop our tailored brand discovery questionnaire.
We refine your discovery questionnaire responses to resolve your brand strategy and formulate the start of your Brand Manual.
Mood Board
We create a unique mood board to resolve your brand visuals and emit an emotional response to the brand look and feel.
Logo Design
+ 2 Unique logo concepts
+ Logomark, wordmark and stamp / monogram
+ Real world mockups
+ 2 Sets of revisions for refinement
Brand Manual & Logo Toolkit
+ Comprehensive brand style guide
+ Master logo file toolkit
+ Copyright ownership
Strategic Logo Design Brisbane

Why The Creative Noise?

We're a purpose-driven business underpinned by strong values. We want to work with good people to achieve great things.

We collaborate on brand and logo design projects across Australia and around the globe from our vibrant Brisbane office.

We're a top rated branding & logo design Brisbane studio.

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Good people

We are good people who want to work with good people. We take responsibility for our impact we make on our clients, our community and the world. We are truthful, kind, respectful and committed to our own growth as people and as a brand.

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25 years experience

A bunch of creative thinkers and strategic doers who have more than 25 years combined experience not only in logo design and branding but business. That means we bring a balanced mix of strategic planning, creative thinking and commercial insight to every job. And we’re all about nurturing long-term, valued working relationships with our team, suppliers and clients.

Creative community

With over two decades of creating intentional logo designs brands under our belt, we have been fortunate enough to discover some talented legends. We are like-minded, do-gooders that work seamlessly together.

Logo Design FAQ

You have questions? Well then, let’s see if we can find the answer.

Why is a simple logo design better?

Complex logo designs with lots of graphic or text take too long for the audience to engage with and are difficult to reproduce at smaller sizes. A simple logo (think Nike or Apple) is memorable, timeless and will communicate your message better than a more complex logo every single time.

Can I trademark my logo design?

We run all of our logo designs through an IP Australia Trademark search to ensure they pass at the top level but we highly recommend seeking legal advice about the different registrations and trademarks available for your logo design.

I don't need a full rebrand, just a brand refresh. Can you help me?

Yes! If you have an existing brand identity you love, colour palette you just can’t walk away from or logo design that’s mostly working but feels a little dated — we can help you evolve into who you are now and level up to your audience. With a fresh set of eyes and a proven process, we can help you gain clarity and push forward confidently. If this sounds like what you need, get in touch.

How much time do I need to set aside for this process? I’m a busy business owner!

To be totally upfront, you do need to invest some of your time into working with us so that we can deliver the best results for your logo design and brand. As a strategy-driven design studio we want to make sure we are crystal clear on your business, challenges, audience and goals so we can deliver designs that will do what you need them to do.

To give you a rough idea of your time investment, you’ll need around 30 minutes to complete your discovery questionnaire and then another 30 minutes to chat with us and go over everything. After that you’ll need around 15-30 minutes to review concepts and designs and provide feedback, we’ll let you know what we need and by when so we make sure your project is delivered on time!

I need this done ASAP! Do you offer an express fee?

Our timelines have been crafted to allow plenty of room for creativity, thorough strategy and crafting your logo design to perfection. However, if you need to expedite your project, please contact us and we’ll see what is possible based on your requirements and deadline.

What is the difference between a logo design and a visual identity or brand?

Your logo is a simple graphic, a single image that is used as the main way to identify your business visually. Think of it like your business name but in visual form. Your brand or visual identity is everything else that makes up the look and feel of your business, it’s your logo design and your colours, graphics, icons, fonts and all the things that work together to define your visual style.

What is the difference between submarks, alternate logos, logomarks and wordmarks?

Submarks and alternate logos are variations of your main logo and give you more flexibility in where you can use your logo. 

Submarks tend to be a simplified version of the logo and are generally used when your full logo doesn’t quite fit for example, on social media or stamps.

Alternate logos are other variations of the main logo provided in a different orientations, for example, centered or left aligned. Again, these are generally used when the main logo isn’t the best fit.

Logomarks are the visual elements or icons within your logo (think the swoosh in the Nike logo) while wordmarks are the text elements within your logo (so the word “Nike” in the Nike logo).

Can you help me with my marketing strategy?

Your visual brand is an essential part of your marketing but to be super clear, we aren’t a marketing agency. We don’t set KPI’s or formulate business strategies to get you more sales and leads. We’re a visual communication studio that specialises in logo and brand designs driven by industry, competitor and audience research. We build you a beautiful home for your brand, you still have to invite people to visit.

What our clients say.

"I have personally worked with Amanda and her team since 2015, she has helped me bring together the Brooke's Blooms brand, Amanda is diligent with her work and I would never go any where else.  A delight to work with."

“The Creative Noise team are wonderful designers and have completed both our logo/brand and our website. The brand they designed suited our brief perfectly, with the website aligning to the brand and functioning seamlessly. We can't wait to show them off!”

"I highly recommend Amanda and Rory at The Creative Noise. I have been delighted with their services in graphic design and website development for a real estate project. Professional, timely and creative work with few revisions required."

“The team at The Creative Noise developed my brand kit and website for my start-up business. I found the service to be outstanding, the results and service exceeded my expectations.

“The Creative Noise was fantastic in helping bring our brand together. As a startup, it's tricky to turn your ideas into visuals but they made the whole process easy. We're really happy with the results.”

"TCN have a broad knowledge of the industry and they were committed from the start to help up us achieve our objectives. They quickly understood who we were and what we stood for - not an easy task due to the sensitive and intricate nature of our line of business!"

“Amanda was amazing! She completely understood the direction we wanted to go with our company brand. 100% professional with fantastic creative design ideas. Highly recommend using The Creative Noise for any Graphic Design work.”

Strategic Logo Design

Build your brand. Create some noise.
Get more business.

It’s time to think big and become a brand worth backing. Invest in powerful, creative and strategic visual solutions.

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