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Some common questions.


Do you respond to RFPs (request for proposals)?


Short answer: We don’t submit responses to RFPs and we don’t pitch for work.

Long answer: We’re not big fans of bidding against other studios for work, joining a race to the (price) bottom, or working for free. But we are big fans of community over competition and fair pay for fair work. If you have a project you think we can help with, check out our previous work and get in touch. If you’re still not convinced after talking to us, we’re probably not the right fit.

What if I don't like the first design you create?


We work hard to answer your brief and create a design that you absolutely love and, more importantly, that your ideal client will engage with. It’s a process we have fine-tuned over more than a decade doing what we do. We go deep into your business, your objectives and your ideal client with a questionnaire purpose-made to draw out all the relevant information we need before we even put pen to paper (or, erm, cursor to computer screen).

Every single decision we make about your design is a purposeful one. If you don’t like the first concept we create we’ll organise a time to chat so we can understand your concerns and so you can understand our strategy. If needed, we go back to the drawing board and refine the concepts based on your feedback.

Who owns the copyright to my finished designs?


You do! The full copyright for your designs is transferred to you when you make the final payment on a completed project. We keep the personal right to use completed projects and concept artwork for marketing purposes.

When will you get back to me?


We say within 24 hours on work days (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm AEST), but we’re often quicker than that (we can’t help ourselves!).

We aren’t based in Brisbane, will that be a problem?


Australia (and the world!) is a big place but thanks to technology we can conduct all our normal face-to-face meetings and business virtually over Skype/Zoom and send samples and print materials directly to your door. Oceans and borders are no boundaries for us!

That said, we do love coffee, so if you happen to be in Brisbane (or nearby) we’d be more than happy to meet at a cafe to discuss your project.

I have more questions! Where can I reach you?


Feel free to call us at the studio on (07) 3118 5641, email, or fill in the form on our contact page.

I want something that isn’t in one of your standard packages, is that cool?


Absolutely! Sometimes clients have an already existing logo or set of materials they want us to work with, or a new and challenging project for us to sink our teeth into. If you can’t find just the right thing in our standard packages for logo, brands or web, get in touch, we’d love to chat about what you need.

Logos + Branding

Why does it cost so much? My cousin’s flatmate said they can knock me up a logo for free.

Logos + Branding

When you work with a designer (or any creative service provider) you’re not just paying for that person’s time. You’re buying the value and expertise they bring, the outcomes they deliver, and the years they have devoted to developing their craft and honing their skills.

At TCN we have more than 25 years combined experience not only in design and branding but business. That means we bring a balanced mix of strategic planning, creative thinking and commercial insight to every job.

And we follow a multi-step process that involves brainstorming, researching, strategic thinking, frameworks, and development of multiple design concepts. And we tailor the process so it aligns with the strategic goals of every individual project.

Good design doesn’t come cheap, but we believe your business and your brand deserves more than just a knocked up logo created by your cousin’s flatmate. If you feel the same, get in touch.

Can I trademark my logo design?

Logos + Branding

We run all of our logos through an IP Australia Trademark search to ensure they pass at the top level but we highly recommend seeking legal advice about the different registrations and trademarks available for your logo design.

Why is a simple logo better?

Logos + Branding

Your logo needs to clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you do. Complex logos with lots of graphic or text take too long for the audience to engage with and are difficult to reproduce at smaller sizes. A simple logo (think Nike or Apple) is memorable, timeless and will communicate your message better than a more complex logo every single time.


Do you need all of my website content before we get started with design?


Yup! We know, we know, not what you wanted to hear. You wanted to get started on this website yesterday. But to create a website design that sings, we have to consider how all of the elements will fit together before we can even start.

The good news is, if you still need to nail down your information architecture, navigational structure, photography and copywriting, we can help you manage these parts of the job. Keen to get started? Get in touch

Can I edit my website after it is delivered?


Yes, of course! Your website needs to evolve and grow with your business. The websites we build make it super simple for you to do things like edit text, publish blog posts and replace images. And we’ll show you how to do all of this when we hand over your site. We’re also here to support you and help with any major changes that come up or with anything that feels out of your depth.

I already love my logo, I just need help with my website, can you work with what I’ve got?


Absolutely! We’d love to check out what you’re working with. We can spruce up your visuals and give you all the bits and pieces, including the bells and whistles website, that will allow your brand to shine.

And if you have a style guide all set up? Perfect, we can work within your existing guidelines to get that new website you desperately need.

Can you help with SEO (search engine optimisation)?


You betcha. The TCN team has loads of experience with creating SEO ready websites. When we’re coding and developing your site we take into consideration best practice SEO techniques, like creating seriously clean code that Google adores. And we also partner with a local Brisbane SEO strategy organisation who are at the top of their game and can work with you to get your site found. After all, we bet that’s how you find yourself on our lovely little site, stellar SEO.

Pricing + Payment

How much does it cost to work with TCN?

Pricing + Payment

Every project and every client is unique (you beautiful snowflakes, you) so costs will differ. But we know it can help when you’re speccing out a project to understand rough costs.

We have a $950AUD minimum project spend and standard packages for logo and web design.

Project quotes or hourly rates, what’s your deal?

Pricing + Payment

We want you to know exactly what your money is buying. That’s why we quote by the project and not by the hour. With project quotes, you pay a flat fee for an agreed outcome. And if you need something that's outside the scope of our initial quote, we’ll let you know about additional costs before we get to work. So there are no surprises when you get your bill at the end of the job.

What are your payment terms?

Pricing + Payment

We take a 50% deposit for all projects, this secures your spot and allows us to get started. When the project is all done we’ll send you the final balance invoice. We then send your project file assets as soon as that final payment has been made. You can pay via EFT or credit card (credit card fees apply).

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