Why does it cost so much? My cousin’s flatmate said they can knock me up a logo for free.

When you work with a designer (or any creative service provider) you’re not just paying for that person’s time. You’re buying the value and expertise they bring, the outcomes they deliver, and the years they have devoted to developing their craft and honing their skills.

At TCN we have more than 25 years combined experience not only in design and branding but business. That means we bring a balanced mix of strategic planning, creative thinking and commercial insight to every job.

And we follow a multi-step process that involves brainstorming, researching, strategic thinking, frameworks, and development of multiple design concepts. And we tailor the process so it aligns with the strategic goals of every individual project.

Good design doesn’t come cheap, but we believe your business and your brand deserves more than just a knocked up logo created by your cousin’s flatmate. If you feel the same, get in touch.

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