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Do you need all of my website content before we get started with design?

Yup! We know, we know, not what you wanted to hear. You wanted to get started on this website yesterday. But to create a website design that sings, we have to consider how all of the elements will fit together before we can even start.

The good news is, if you still need to nail down your information architecture, navigational structure, photography and copywriting, we can help you manage these parts of the job. Keen to get started? Get in touch

Can I edit my website after it is delivered?

Yes, of course! Your website needs to evolve and grow with your business. The websites we build make it super simple for you to do things like edit text, publish blog posts and replace images. And we’ll show you how to do all of this when we hand over your site. We’re also here to support you and help with any major changes that come up or with anything that feels out of your depth.

I already love my logo, I just need help with my website, can you work with what I’ve got?

Absolutely! We’d love to check out what you’re working with. We can spruce up your visuals and give you all the bits and pieces, including the bells and whistles website, that will allow your brand to shine.

And if you have a style guide all set up? Perfect, we can work within your existing guidelines to get that new website you desperately need.

Can you help with SEO (search engine optimisation)?

You betcha. The TCN team has loads of experience with creating SEO ready websites. When we’re coding and developing your site we take into consideration best practice SEO techniques, like creating seriously clean code that Google adores. And we also partner with a local Brisbane SEO strategy organisation who are at the top of their game and can work with you to get your site found. After all, we bet that’s how you find yourself on our lovely little site, stellar SEO.

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